Actionscript Animation Classes

👉 Whoa! Please note that this post is 16 years old. The views expressed within might have become outdated.

I was browsing through my code library the other day and bumped into some Actionscript Animation classes which I made a while ago. I just thought I'd share.

I haven't done anything with Flash lately, since I don't consider it a proper web development tool. I think it's great for presentations, visual gimmicks, games and cartoons, but a website with the primairy goal to deliver information to a wide audience shouldn't be build in Flash.

Nevertheless, these classes might be of some use to someone. The whole package can be downloaded here as a RAR-archive and contains the following files (click on any of the filenames to view an example page):

It's not much, I admit. I created them a while ago with the intention of creating a huge class-package containing every animation you might imagine, but I got to busy devoting myself to web standards and accessibility.

Anyway, they're up for grabs, use and abuse 'em as you see fit.