Focus onload but keep Backspace intact

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A lot of websites try to help you by auto-focusing on an input field on pageload, so you can start typing right away.

Well, thanks so much, you guys couldn't be more helpful.
Except of course that I always use the Backspace key to move back in my history. By focusing on a form field you're essentially disabling some fundamental browser functionality.

While the whole topic of auto-focusing on a form field is debatable, I have to admit that, yes, sometimes it can be helpful (think Google, where all you do is searching). But every time a site breaks my Backspace key I grunt in discomfort.

So, web developers around the world, please, if you want to use a similar script in the future, use something along the lines of this:

window.onload = function () {
		// focus on the input field for easy access...
		var input = document.getElementById ('focusme');
		input.focus ();
		// ...but if someone wishes to go back in their history, let them!
		document.onkeydown = function (e) {
			if (!e) {
				var e = window.event;
			if (e.keyCode === 8 && !input.value) {

What this script does, is it focuses on the input field, but attaches an onkeydown event handler to the document, that makes the user travel back in their history whenever Backspace is hit and the input field is empty.

See this page for an example.

Obviously, it can be extended to remove the document event listener whenever someone's actually types in the form field, or something. But whatever you do or however you use this script, use something.

It's the little things that matter in usability, folks.