Dutch Internet Works is looking for freelance web designers

👉 Whoa! Please note that this post is 14 years old. The views expressed within might have become outdated.

Business is going well, and we at Dutch Internet Works wish to expand our network.

What we want

We're specifically looking for a web designer and/or interface designer, to help us with our graphical needs. We need a creative person, who dares to think outside the box, but who also has enough knowledge of what works on the web, usability guidelines and possible technical restrictions.
Also, it's a very big plus if you keep up to date with current trends on the web. Our web designer should be familiar with the current hot sauce of the web. Think about Web 2.0, Flickr and YouTube.

If you are able to design and think about such exciting new creative outbursts, but can still keep a watchful eye on user friendliness, we definitely would like to meet you.

What we offer

At the moment, we're not recruiting, but looking for someone who's available on a freelance basis. We get loads of offers from prospects in various industries, so expect enough diversity in your work.

We aim at highly usable and search-engine friendly websites, so your designs will be backed up by a solid, clean codebase. Speaking of which, you will work directly together with yours truly. We will brainstorm together about a user friendly experience and think of nice interactive solutions that follow the level of user involvement that's hot at the moment.

If you feel like your presence in our network could benefit the both of us, feel free to contact me at harmen@dutchinternetworks.nl.
Make sure you include some samples of your work, or a link to your personal website/online portfolio.