A selection of completed projects I worked on.


l'Abito is a young new webshop, selling clothes and accessories.

I was responsible for both the front- and back-end. I integrated the online paying system iDeal with the shop, which was the first time for me. It turned out to be pretty easy to create a usable, user-friendly paying system.

Also, the sorting system was kind of a challenge, but thanks to some clever SQL querying I ended up with a highly usable system with which you can find the clothes you want fast and easy.

Screenshot of the l'Abito website


You know those audio tours they offer in museums? If you think those are just plain dull, now's your chance to create your own! The n8 organisation created a way for you to create your own audio tours, or listen to tours created by others.

For this project, I was responsible for all front-end code. I'm especially pleased with the live filter in the left sidebar, which uses some nifty AJAX to sort through the results.

Screenshot of the n8geluiden website


n8 is the organisation behind the "Museumnight". Together with Grrr Medialab, I worked on their new homepage. I was responsible for all front-end work; HTML, CSS and Javascript.

We also added a blog, which is built on top of WordPress.

Screenshot of the n8 blog

Museumnight 2006 (n8)

Once a year, a great selection of Dutch museums are open at night, providing a special program in order to get young people to be more involved in art and culture.

For this project, which was my first collaboration with the amazingly creative Grrr Medialab, I was responsible for most of the client-side code: HTML, CSS and Javascript.

"n8 2006" and its website were very successful and I'm happy I've been given the chance to be part of the team that made it possible.

Screenshot of the Museumnight website

Special Box Records

Special Box Records is a new Amsterdam based label for computer mayhem, psychedelic electro, crack house and disco not not disco.

Special Box is also the first record label to release all its music for free! I was responsible for the HTML and CSS code of this website.

Screenshot of Special Box Records

Eastside Music

A Dutch booking agency. It was a nice project, sporting a very large CMS, including different accounts with different privileges and a logging system where every administrative action gets logged.

This was also the first website I coded some AJAX features for. Check out the Search and News Archive features.

Screenshot of the Eastside Music website

Jetix Business 2 Business

Jetix is the most popular children's television channel in the Netherlands. This Business 2 Business website is aimed at their partners, sponsors and the likes. I had to build this website in Expression Engine. It was my first time building a website in some weblog-software and I must say I prefer writing my own code and CMS.

Screenshot of the Jetix B2B website

IJsvereniging Rijnwaarden

IJsvereniging Rijnwaarden is an organization that wanted to represent itself on the Web. I have both designed and developed the website, and therefore, provided them with a way of recruiting new volunteers and members. This project provided me with an additional challenge, because I was also responsible for the design of the site, something usually other people do for me.

Screenshot van de website van IJsvereniging Rijnwaarden


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