What is accessibility?

The web is of course a wonderful medium, but there are certain groups of users that desire special attention:

The blind
Blind users can use assistive technologies such as screen readers. Screen readers will read a page to a user and rely heavily on well-structured markup. I've tried to use the most semantic markup I could come up with, in order to provide blind users with a well-structured, logical document.
The visually impaired
Being visually impaired does not always mean one can't see at all. It might be someone's colour blind, or might need a higher contrast layout. For this group I have provided an additional, high-contrast stylesheet, which can be selected from the preferences column on the right.
People with mobility issues
There are people using the web that never touch a mouse, but rely on a keyboard for their every action. Just as screen readers, these people need a well-structured document for quick navigation using, for instance, the Tab-key. In addition, almost every link on my website can be accessed using an accesskey (use ALT-accesskey (Windows) or Control-accesskey (Mac) to activate the corresponding link). The following keys are in use:
The homepage
The accessibility-page (where you are now)
The searchbox
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Unobtrusive scripting

Unobtrusive scripting means the separation of content and behaviour. Scripting should only be used for progressive enhancement. In other words, a website should be perfectly usable for users who have Javascript disabled and scripting should only be used to enhance certain features.

My website does exactly that. It uses a bit of scripting to spice up the site's behaviour, or enhance the usability, but it will never rely on these techniques.

Cross-browser compatibility

Web professionals hate the line Optimized for Internet Explorer on 1024 * 768. So do I. I've tested this website in the following browsers on different screen resolutions:

Note: there are of course more browsers in use, but I haven't gotten my hands on them yet. When I do, I'll make sure to test in them too.


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