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I'm a Dutch webdeveloper, living with my girlfriend (who is not geeky at all, but copes really well with my constant rambling about semantic markup - bless her) in Harderwijk, the Netherlands. I used to not give a damn about programming and code. I was more interested in graphical design and wanted to master software like Photoshop and Illustrator, but ever since I began studying Actionscript 2.0, I've focussed on the programming side of web building.

I soon discovered there existed something called CSS and that HTML was more than meets the eye. Unfortunately, the school I was attending at that time, did not provide proper lessons in both subjects. Around that time, I bought the first of what is now a remarkably large collection of development-related books.

With the help of books and blogs it didn't take long to develop both client-side as server-side skills and in no-time I was explaining CSS-techniques to my teachers.

The purpose of this website

Primarily, this website provides information about me, for everyone who wants to make use of the services I provide.

The secundary goal of these very pages, however, is just as important to me. Since everything I know came out of books or from weblogs by very talented people, I too want to provide information, tutorials, tips and tricks for beginning web creatives. I would just love it if somewhere on the internet, a wandering soul seeking for resources on web standards can be helped by my articles.

Spare time

In my spare time I love to watch movies. I have to say I'm quite proud of the big collection of DVDs my girlfriend and I have collected, especially some awesome arthouse movies. For those who are interested, most of the collection can be found here at IMDB.

Other than movies, I enjoy playing (video-)games, reading books and listening to jazzy, loungy music.


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